The 2023 BMTX Annual Financial Empowerment Scholarship application is now closed. The winner will be announced in August.

If you missed your opportunity, be on the lookout for our 2024 application. Be sure to follow BMTX on social media for updates on when the application goes live!

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Annual Financial Empowerment Scholarship

Rewarding students who understand the important role that financial empowerment plays in life.


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Do you believe that financial empowerment plays an important role in your life and the lives of others? That reaching financial freedom should be a goal more people in the United States strive to achieve? Are you actively promoting financial empowerment in your community to help better our society as a whole?  

BM Technologies, Inc. (BMTX) is offering a $1,500 scholarship to one (1) excellent undergraduate or graduate student who is blazing a trail and shaking things up in the world of financial empowerment.

Deadline: July 12, 2024

Announcement: August 2024

Apply Now

Questions / Comments / Concerns? Email:

Required Materials*

1. Application (Electronic Form Below) with all sections filled out.

2. Creative Video (Must be a 30-60 second video) explaining the importance of financial empowerment in your life and career. Special consideration will be given towards those who are demonstrating an active role in promoting financial empowerment within their community. We highly encourage creativity! Suggested Format: MP4.

3. Unofficial Transcript (PDF) must be valid and reflect current academic standing, including a GPA of at least 3.0

4. Proof of Enrollment/Acceptance (PDF). This only needs to be completed if you are not studying at an accredited institution.

Eligibility Requirements

Be a citizen of the United States

Attend an accredited institution (Is your university accredited?)

Submit a complete 3-part application via the form below: 
1) Application 2) Transcript 3) Creative Video

If you are not in college, you must provide Proof of Enrollment/Acceptance

Need a minimum score of 3.0 GPA

Financial Empowerment Trailblazers

2023 Scholarship Recipient


Purdue University

Watch Video

Past Winners

2022 - Mary

University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

Watch Video

2021 - Alejandra

University of Califorrnia
Los Angeles

Watch Video

2021 Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations Alejandra!
University of California Los Angeles

Watch Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How can this scholarship be used?

The BMTX 2024 Financial Empowerment Scholarship is to be used exclusively for school tuition and related expenses. A check for $1‚500 will be made payable to the award recipient’s university or college to cover educational expenses.

How many students will be awarded the scholarship?

The BMTX 2024 Financial Empowerment Scholarship will be awarded to ONE student who has achieved academic excellence and who demonstrates how financial literacy will make an impact in their lives.

Do I need to submit proof?

You only need to submit proof if you are not studying at an accredited institution - this means students who have not begun undergraduate studies or who are awaiting to begin graduate studies.

Am I allowed to submit an unofficial transcript?

Yes, as long as it is approved by your University’s Registrar Office, valid and verifiable.

Do I need to have a specific major to apply?

The BMTX 2024 Financial Empowerment Scholarship is available to any student pursuing a degree in any field, which includes undergraduate and graduate students at accredited institutions. If you have a question regarding the eligibility of your program, please feel free to get in touch with us.

If you have a question not covered, feel free to email your question to

Do I need to submit both proof of acceptance and proof of enrollment?

You will need to provide either proof of acceptance or proof of enrollment into an accredited college or university (undergraduate or graduate level), depending on your grade level. To find your proof of enrollment or acceptance, please contact your admitted institution’s registrar’s office. This document must come from the registrar. We are unable to accept print-outs or digital versions of your class schedule.

Again, you only need to submit proof if you are not studying at an accredited institution - this means students who have not begun undergraduate studies or who are awaiting to begin graduate studies.